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Keycult No.1 FR4 plates

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Image of Keycult No.1 FR4 plates
  • Image of Keycult No.1 FR4 plates
  • Image of Keycult No.1 FR4 plates
  • Image of Keycult No.1 FR4 plates

UPDATE 10-14-18

Plates have arrived and look good so shipping will begin Monday! I should have them all out by Wednesday.

Extras will be available here very soon!


UPDATE 10-8-18

The plates are complete and on the way to me!

DHL Screen Shot:

Arrival on friday and inspection over the weekend, shipping will start 10/15 assuming they are ok!


UPDATE 9-26-18:

After some confusion and us getting a new more competent pcb engineer at ALLPCB and me emailing the head manager at ALLPCB, we have a estimated ship date now (screen shot below):

We still have to wait for the Mid-Autumn Festivals to end but we at least have a firm date. Last time the boards shipped early compared to the "Estimated Shipping Time" so hopefully that will happen again.

Sorry for the extra wait.

QUESTIONS? email: badnewscaps@gmx.com


UPDATE 9-24-18:

Our PCB manufacturer has failed make our orders in time for the Mid-Autumn Festivals! This means that it is now unclear when these plates will be shipped to me!

I am extremely sorry about this delay and I will update this page the second I hear news from the manufacturer. Here is the exact wording from their web site:

"Dear Customers,
ALLPCB will celebrate Mid-Autumn Festivals on Sep.24th and National Holidays from Sep.30th to Oct. 3rd.There is no DHL service during this time. Please kindly schedule your orders in advance in case of any delay. Sincerely sorry for any convenience caused !"

PLEASE NOTE OUR ORDER WAS PLACED ON 9-12-18! I am going to actively shop USA/non-Chinese PCB fab houses to possibly get this plates faster!

Check back here for updates!

QUESTIONS? email: badnewscaps@gmx.com



Original Listing:

Please note that these are UNOFFICIAL plates, these are not products of Keycult. They are authorized by riononthebay but these have nothing to do with Keycult or any of their distributors.

This is a pre-order. Turn around time will be 1 month after I close this pre-order on 9-9-18 @midnight MST. It will take about 2 weeks to receive the plates, and 1 week to inspect and ship). If there are problems with production (doubtful) then tack another 2 weeks on the time of shipment.

Matte Black\Copper
Gloss Red\Silver

Please note that the FR4 plates with the gloss finish tend to feel stiffer then ones with matte finish for some reason, I believe it has to do with the rigidity of the gloss finish coat.